Me: Hi389. I’ve ordered 2 pairs of shoes in MID January. One is Rocking House Ballerina Kid & the other is Pirate Boots. Are they arrived of not?

Assistant: Oh. What’s your order number?

Me: xxxxx.

Assistant: They’ve not yet here. Maybe they will arrive by next week.

Me: Oh. But you’ve said that it’ll finish around 6-8 weeks. It’s nearly 10 WEEKS now...394

Assistant: I know. I’m sorry for that. As soon as they arrive, I’ll call you immediately.

Me: OK. Thanks.406


Chef cooks 1 egg for 5 minutes. How many minutes you need to cook 2 eggs?

A naive child answered you with 10 minutes.

But unfortunately Vivienne Westwood got too few workers. 1 pair of shoes used 8 weeks. 2 pair of shoes??..I can’t believe it.



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