Me: Hello?

Sales assistant (S): Hi, Yuki. I’m xxxx from World’s End the Vivienne Westwood shop.

Me: Oh yes. Have the shoes been arrived?  (V*^__^*V)


S: Oh no, I’m sorry. I just want to check with you that you’ve never received any shoes from here, right?


Me: (-___-!!) No, I haven’t. But I’ve rung in 2 weeks ago & one of your assistant has said that they were not yet arrived & would call me when they come. I’ve ordered those 2 pairs of shoes in Mid January. It’s about 3 months now.


S: All right. I’m sorry that for the delay as I’ve checked my book the shoes should be here in March. Apparently the order has been forgotten. I’ll chase them to do it now & you may get the shoes in 2 weeks time which is the fastest time that I can do it for you.


Me: What? (Orz...x_x|||||||||||||||||) Oh--- Do you mean that the workers have forgotten my order??!!!!


S: Yes. Unfortunately it seems so. I’ll give you a discount when you get the shoes. I apologize for the ridiculous delay.


Me: Oh--- Okay than. Please phone me when get the shoes. I’ve been waiting for a long long time already. (/_____\;;;;;)


S: I know. Sorry for that.


Me: Ok. Bye—


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