8 Days left!!!

Finally, I’ve got the flight ticket yesterday.


I haven’t come back for 2 years. In other words, when I come to London, I was only 19. And now I’m 22. Time flies silently and when I realise it, it’s gone already.


Quote from Ivy’s xanga:

~ by 黃偉文,今日蘋果日報,寫於Rochas宣布結業


It’s damned correct anyway. I would never deny this but I really hate reading this kind of thinking. When I look back the past years, bitterness rises suddenly as I just recognise that I have given up lots of things that I treasure the most. However, Life is: You never know whether a choice is correct or not until the end. A better future for t people I love. I’m working hard to prove this is the best choice.  


It’s only 8 days left than I’ll be back. I’m so happy but also a bit scared. Everything in HK must change a lot and I hope that I will cope with it in a short time – the people, the place, the weather, the new shops, etc. It should be so familiar to me but I can’t stop the feeling of being a stranger. The double thoughts overwhelmed my mind.


Anyway, I love you all and longing to see you again.


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