A surprising farewell

The 8th of Sep, it was my last day of the work placement. I was both sad & happy. Sad for leaving the people I've always worked with and the office I used to go every weekday. Happy for finishing the 1-year work placement and going back to University life.

Then it was the leaving speech and the leaving presents. I am so surprised as all the presents are exactly what I love most(have to use present tense as I’m still so touched by all these things).


When I got the presents, I could only say “Oh~~” of “OMG~~~” to them. I can’t believe these things are what I deserve for leaving the group. And I’m so touched by the heart the people who brought them have put in them. I got watery eyes when I received the gifts(hope that nobody noticed them, it’s so embarrassing).

And, the cards!!!!!

They are gorgeous. I couldn’t say anymore but just thanks to the person who made it (she’s my lovely friend~). And also the person who did the cute picture of me (he’s my lovely friend as well~). The card is definitely the most creative+touching+lovely one I've ever received.

People always said that there are no true heart friends in work. I won’t deny it at all. But the things happened aren't always 100% true or false. Just like this time, I know I have met good friends from this work placement. They are so lovely and they know so much about what I hate and what I love. I just want to put them into my heart.

Well, I’ve also got a leaving dinner with 9 of them in Belgo (a Belgian restaurant, the fruity beer is amazing). I’m so glad as 3 managers have come as well. (I still remember that I’ve been quite worried if no one turned up for the dinner).

I must say, though the work is sometimes very dull & boring. But the people there are excellent. I should say I won't find the same atmosphere again in the future.

Thanks all I’ve chosen to do the placement. Apart from gaining the skills, I’ve earned couples of GOOD friends. That‘s really the most appreciate bonus to me!

 P.S. This entry must be in English to show my honest heart.


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